CIRCOR launches control valve sequence

CIRCOR International, Inc., has launched its new CIR 3100 management valve, a valve body with a number of internal options for so much of general, critical and extreme functions including upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gasoline, power technology, processing industries, maritime and renewables.
The CR 3100 control valve is customisable with multiple internal options and standardised components and accessories. – Image: Circor International

The CR 3100 management valve from Circor is customisable with a quantity of inner choices and standardised elements and equipment, cutting inventory and maintenance prices. pressure gauge 10 bar are easily interchangeable as course of circumstances and requirements change.
CIR 3100 is suitable for throttling and on-off control of a fluid flow such as gas, steam, water or chemical compounds to compensate for the load disturbance and helps to keep the regulated process variable as close as attainable to the desired set level.
The management valves are specially designed for both low and high strain drop service. Pressure drop, excessive velocities and throttling occur only on the cage window and the plug, which protects the seat ring and presents tight shut-off functionality to the valve. A Class V leakage option is available for top temperature functions.
The CIR3100 management valve has certifications which include Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR), PED & CE, and TSG-China and the company is constant to improve the sizes and strain ranges to cater to customer demands.

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